Sometimes anxiety, death and failure lurk below the surface, or a sinking feeling of watching the bus drive off in the distance, sometimes I fragment my reality into shapeable pieces and push them back into the world as seductive objects, poetic thoughts or chance encounters.  

There are no surprises and yet somehow everything is a surprise. How the thermostat regulates my body temperature, the way white noise and LED flames regulate my mind and how those things exist on the periphery of my awareness. Some things are designed to be practical background objects, camouflaged for a visual status quo. There is often something captivating and complex about these objects, something subconsciously stirring and frisky that makes them perform differently from their overt purpose. Through my work I help others help me see and think about the peculiarities of the mundane again as if for the first time.

I want to trap light in a dark room, I want to funnel the invisible and capture the unattainable. With Aluminum foil I found a physical and audible manifestation of touch in the illusive transfer of energy from one body to another. An object accumulates as the work is performed over time. An object documents and brings material form to the interactions. Similarly we occupy the unseen; for example the space between routers where superficial wireless information connects an object’s activity to the functioning of a device. I often obscure and subvert assumed powers and roles by shifting material, process and context, substituting one quality for another, replacing thoughts by replacing physical matter.